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no borders

By veronika beyhaut

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Exhibit: Jun 10th - August 9th 2019

Opening reception:

July 11th, 2019  8:00 to 11:00 pm 

Gallery Open:

Tuesday - Thursday

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday - Saturday

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Ethereal Gallery

Iron side Building 

7610 NE 4th Ct Unit #110 

Miami, FL 33138

305 302-3610

Invitation & Installation views | Without Borders | Miami FL



By veronika beyhaut

In this series the artist photographed her shadow in a number of locations: Isola D'elba (Tuscany Region Italy), Isola d'Ischia (south of Italy), Madrid (Spain), New Mexico (USA), Arkansas (USA), and Palestine, to name some.

The images were not staged using props but rather captured as the characters would reveal themselves on the rocks, the sand, the sea, the road.  The artist describes the experience as "being in flow with nature and light, darkness and truth a string of moments that were each perfectly whole."

Her showcase features different pictures from specific areas, the art form different in each event.  

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About the Artist


Veronika has done theater since she was 14 years old. Once she encountered the art of expression she was not able to let go. Exploring all aspects of communicating the collective subconscious, became part of her life experience. Veronika is currently working on a photography Art exposition where the limits are surpassed in darkness and light, body and shadow.
The images Veronika faced took her out of this one life and put her in many. Many images through body and shadow, out of the barriers, into the full consciousness. In this showcase the point of view is of eternal life in nature. We become what we want in it. As we succumb deep in the subconscious there is this everlasting feeling of surrender. Surrendering all our fears and letting them go with the surpassing of our limits and expectations. Going deeper than you thought imaginable in all your human power. Penetrating to the core of your lives. Nature becomes the host and you the guest.
The most important elements are faith and love. Or is it hate and mistrust? Why are all powers concentrated on this? Light and darkness. Two points of view that become boundaries. As you let go of these elements you reach the point in grey areas, “purgatory”. Where choice becomes the factor that coincides with the true moment.
Choice. We are born with it.
So although the beginning and the end might become blurry, our center in the core can always remain intact. The spirit is the essence.
Water and land. Rock and sand. Two elements in nature that evolve. Just like whole spirit in every life we choose to live on this earth. It evolves, and what it becomes; it is up to the subject in you.
Let your eternity shine through in all it’s power.